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Decléor's first e-shop launch on China's e-commerce platform TMALL 2.0 


Decléor Tmall 2.0 蒂可丽天猫2.0旗舰店

Unknown in China, Decléor launches its first e-shop on Tmall in 2021 to raise awareness and boost the brand's presence on China's Beauty Market.



Working in a collaborative spirit, PLUS 86 plays a key role in project implementation with Decléor Marketing Departments in Paris and Shanghaï.


PLUS 86的双重文化特点和协作精神工作,帮助品牌巴黎总部和上海中国市场部加速缩短项目进展工作。

PLUS 86's design solution is based on compelling brand DNA and captivating activation.  

PLUS 86的设计解决方案基于帮利用品牌特有的DNA和引人入胜的激活效果。

  • Enhance Decléor Yellow to increase visibility on brand identity. 设计方面为品牌选择蒂可丽明黄颜色做为品牌特有色以从而提高品牌识辩性;

  • Structuring design for text, inspirational visual, and product packaging.  利用产品有特色的包装设计和文本排版达到品牌特有的视觉效果和的结构设计。

  • Immersive visual UX through KOL testimonial. 突出品牌内容图像视觉效果。

Web & Mobile

Beauty is a major category for e-commerce and Tmall. Beauty products are light, easy to ship, and also highly visual products.


Tmall offers advanced advertising tools and live streaming which is a major marketing channel for brands to promote more visual objects such as beauty products.



Beauty on Tmall

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