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The Chinese New Year special message of the famous beauty brand.


CNY Animation 鸡年新春动画

Chinese New Year is the most important holiday in China. Brands use this holiday to showcase their localization through specialized Chinese New Year marketing campaigns. 


The CNY festive campaign features all the Zodiac symbols. The 12 animals are exclusively designed by Origami Artist, H.T Quyet crafted in luxurious gold paper. 

鸡年贺岁片,金鸡为主人公,在其他11个不同生肖形象的陪伴下,从巴黎前往上海向中国带来品牌鸡年的祝福。 这12种动物是由2017年世界折纸冠军,艺术家H.T Quyet特意为品牌量身定制设计的。

360° Campaign 战役 

The combination of red and gold brings good luck and prosperity according to the traditions of China.


Art Direction includes limited edition packaging design  to match the cheerful atmosphere.


The in-depth understanding of Chinese culture featured the traditional origami zodiac symbols combined with red and gold colors to make CNY a very special occasion  with a high aesthetic. 


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