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Vichy 6.18 Tmall China Campaign

Project Review

Vichy 6.18 Tmall China Campaign
  • 6.18 is the second largest shopping festival in China after Singles Day (11.11). 

What is 6.18?

How does 6.18 benefit international brands?


Brands could increase their YoY sales with the buying power of the Chinese consumers within China.


During 6.18, the membership mechanism is highly promoted by China e-commerce platforms which will result in purchasing incentive.


618 is a great chance to gain insights of the Chinese market in the long term and to set the right marketing strategy for their 11.11 campaign. 


China’s tier 3, tier 4 cities exhibited strong purchasing power in recent years and it is expected to see a rapid growth of 2.5% per annum.


E-commerce platforms released initiatives on several aspects such as logistics, finance, and even exclusive traffic for overseas merchants.

Performance of 6.18 2022

From June 1st till June  18th, China’s e-commerce landscape is filled with large-scale promotional activities and discounts to entice shoppers.​

  • Originally started by JingDong (,  a China eCommerce platform, on their anniversary June 18th.

  • Tmall with nearly 300 brands with a turnover of over CNY 100 million (USD 12.74 million). 

  • gained a total transaction volume of CNY 379.3 billion (USD 56.48 billion) for its 2022 618 Grand Promotion. 

  • Douyin mall led to a 514 percent year-on-year increase in sales.

Key facts about China 6.18 shopping festival



2.     Vichy Brand Analysis in China on March 2022

As 6.18 & 11.11 are the most important KCPs (Key Consumption Periods), thus our client, Vichy DMI develops brand content assets to support the local China Team in creating relevant impact.

Objective: To benefit from the China shopping festival and connect better with the target consumers to optimize the ROI. 

The concept of  outdoor adventurous spirit and joy were carried out in the campaign during the time when lockdown was enforced (April - June 2022) and that nature and outdoor were trending topic. 

Along with the adaptation of Tmall platform mechanism as well as live streaming. the focus on key SKUs and consistency were realized throughout the whole campaign.

1.     Context

Vichy 6.18 Tmall 2022
薇姿6•18天猫 2022


People who are seeking for medical beauty and looking for a health partner through the brand they use. Brand image needs to be appealing equally to young women AND men. 


Brand’s key competitors on Tmall includes L’Oréal ACD brands: Skin Ceuticals, LRP, CeraVe + local competitors : Winona, Freeplus, Quadha, Dr.Yu 玉泽, Cruel 柯润, Freeplus芙丽芳丝.

Overview in China

Vichy 薇姿中国概述


Vichy shows a good level of brand awareness due to its presence in China since 1996 and is clearly identified as a dermocosmetic brand. Facing a fierce competition on e-commerce of global and local competitors Vichy n°1 priority is on e-commerce with a shift towards being THE medical-digital brand.  

Creative Consistency : 

From Key Visual to SKU KV, brand page master background and live-streaming background, reusing campaign key elements: Balloons, Gradient in light Iridescent shades, Confetti, floating actives, levitating hero products, to unify visuals.

3.     Final Asset Book

6.18 Vichy Festival is a Scientific Celebration

6.18 薇姿是个科学庆典

Product Centric and Festive Design :

Star SKUs + Active + Balloon + Sky​

Banners :

  • Banner composition highlights promotional product pack at the right corner - with alternative product display on active.

  • Featured product SKUs are place holders.

  • Banner Design proposal per conversion round, maintaining the consistency with the phasing and key elements.

Product Centric and Festive Design :

Star SKU + Active + Balloon + Sky

  • SKU KV composition places the single product at the center and at foreground.

SKU Key Visuals :

  • Active and festive elements at the background create visual consistency without being predominant.

Festive Design and Tmall Adaptation :

Active + Balloon + Sky

  • Active and festive elements at the background create visual consistency without being predominant to the streaming activity.

Live-streaming Background :

Festive Design and Tmall Adaptation

3 Star SKUs + Active + Balloon + Sky​

Main KVs :

6.18 Tmall China Time Phasing and KV


  • For example, phase distinction can be done by changing the balloon, from 6.18 to V, from celebrating a shopping festival to celebrating Vichy brand, with the emphasis made by adding confetti into the visuals.

  • Using the changes in an element to signify the transitioning of the shopping phases.​

Key theme/Creativity: 

Sumptuous, Festive / Celebration, Warm


Key elements:

Gifting: box, ribbons, balloons, confetti, 

Luxury code: gold & white, bright tone, detailing (on box, ribbon, bg)

soft lighting, dreamy ambience, soft shadow, expanding product arrangement

Key message:

Extravagant, generous, excitement, gratitude, celebration of individual, detailed, welcoming


CN specific:

3D decor, gold, gifting elements, 6.18 design element, product display, flairs, promotion driven

Key Takeaway :

It is important to not only observe competitors for their main visual themes, Sales Mechanism & Sales Pitch, details in Sales phrases transitioning, but also to understand the client's strategic framework to produce highly versatile visuals to keep the consistency throughout. 

The Gifting theme not only deemed as Tmall friendly, it also holds the elements of celebration which goes in line with the festive spirit of the platform's shopping festival! Moreover, consumers from China appreciate the notion of celebration as it is embedded in their culture as well as their on-going movement of celebrating oneself.

From the analysis, we did with skincare brands during shopping festival, the gifting theme is the most predominant among the other like scientific, natural, superior, and summer-cartoon theme.

4.     Spotlight: The Gifting Trend

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