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Plus 86 provides the keys and the tools that allow cultural adaptations.

Plus 86 帮助品牌解决文化差异,交流阻碍的问题。

About 关于

+86 is China’s country code number. Plus 86 opens the doors of China. 



Plus 86 shows a global and local understanding of the issues faced by companies and brands, and supports them from conception to production.


Plus 86 dives into companies and brands’ values, preserves and transposes brands' identity codes to guarantee the most faithful and relevant adaptation from one market to another.


 Team 团队

Founder & Creative Director
联合创始人 & 创意总监

Guo Ran 郭然

A native of Beijing, Guo Ran, graduated from EESAB Quimper & Lorient and HEAR Strasbourg. For over 15 years he has been a noteworthy creative director in digital advertising for luxury brands. After having joined the most prestigious Paris based advertising agencies, he creates +86, which connects the world to China.


Daphné 达芬妮

Creative Lead & Managing Partner
合伙人 & 资深咨询
Co-founder & Producer
联合创始人 & 资深制片人

Pan Haiyong 潘海涌

Zhao An 赵安

Partner & Film Director
合伙人 & 导演

French & Turkish, Daphné works in Paris for fashion and luxury brands as Art Director and Product Design Director. Active observer of China, her creative vision and business acumen provide adapted solutions for brands doing international business . She stands for cultural diversity in life and at work. 

达芙妮 Daphné 在法国和土耳其工作,在巴黎为时尚和奢侈品品牌担任艺术总监和产品设计总监。 她是中国的活跃观察者,她的创造力和商业敏锐度为从事国际业务的品牌提供了适应性解决方案。 她代表生活和工作中的文化多样性。

Zhao An lives between Beijing and French Brittany. From 1996 to 2006 he worked at BTV (Beijing Television) and CCTV (China Central Television). Since 2007, he is Director of Business Advertisement at Phoenix TV in Paris. ​He directed advertising campaign for international renowned brands from luxury and automobile industries. 

赵安住在北京和法国布列塔尼之间。 从1996年到2006年,他在北京电视台(BTV)和中央电视台(CCTV)任职。 自2007年以来,他担任巴黎凤凰卫视商业广告总监。 他指导了来自豪华和汽车行业的国际知名品牌的广告活动。

Pan Haiyong moved to France in 2000. Graduated from ENS Louis-Lumière, he expanded his skills as a film producer joining in 2006, Bayoo Productions. In 2014, he founds KO Media. He, since then, has managed numerous Chinese TV shows and films productions taking place in Europe.

潘海勇于2000年移居法国。他毕业于ENSLouis-Lumière,从2006年加入电影制作人Bayoo Productions扩展了自己的技能。 2014年,他创立了KO Media。 从那时起,他管理了许多在欧洲举行的中国电视节目和电影制作。

Art Director & Photographer
艺术总监 & 摄影师

Sha Zhou 沙舟

Film Director & Photographer
摄影师 & 导演

Ben Zhan 战功赫

Expertises 服务项目

Our experience with brands 客户经验

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